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Green Forest
*Signed* The Rider's Bane - Paperback Edition

This edition will come with a personalized, hand-signed message from Jacob on the titlepage!


The Rider's Bane is a stunning work of fiction by a rising new voice in literature.


For generations, The Rider has peacefully guided the living through death and into the afterlife. But when Argo receives his letter to travel with The Rider, he decides against waiting for death to come to him. Accompanied only by his loyal dog, Wander, Argo defies convention and journeys into the forbidden Hallowed Woods to seek out The Rider himself.


As Argo and Wander venture deeper into the woods, they soon discover that the dangers they face are far greater than they could have imagined. To make matters worse, their quest may jeopardize the delicate balance between The Rider and the world beyond, which is determined to maintain the status quo at any cost.


As Argo grapples with the true cost of his heroism, he must weigh his desire for meaning and adventure against a world that seems set against him. Will he find the courage to fight for his own destiny, or will he be forced to accept the fate that others have chosen for him? Join Argo and Wander on an unforgettable journey in The Rider's Bane, a thrilling tale of heroism, ambition, and the true cost of defying destiny.

*Signed* The Rider's Bane - Paperback Edition

SKU: 979-8-9877266-1-7
  • Trim Size: 5.500" x 8.500" (216mm x 140mm)

    Interior Color and Paper: Black & White: Creme

    Cover Finish: Matte

    Print ISBN: 979-8-9877266-1-7

    Binding: Perfect Bound

    Page Count: 212 pages

    Spine Width: 0.48460 in (12.31 mm)

    Weight: 0.609 lb (276.24 g)

  • All sales final. Please each out if there are any physical defects. 

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